Route 2

Riders who choose route two, go from Hardy lake to Charlestown State Park and end their ride at Clifty Falls State Park.

Where they take an unforgettable ride back in time and visit one of Southern Indiana’s historic hot spots along the Ohio River during its heyday in the 1920s, Rose Island amusement park.  Normally limited to pedestrian traffic, the riders will travel down the steep hill  (approximately 200 ft. of elevation change) turning sharp left and crossing 14-mile creek by way of the historic Portersville Bridge. While at the bottom, you can take a break and stretch your legs as Friends members explain the history of Rose Island. Visitors can also take advantage of a very special photo* opportunity with on your bikes at the Rose Island entrance sign.

Routes two finishes at Clifty Falls State Park with a scenic drive through Clifty Falls State Park where four breathtaking waterfalls are just a quick walk from your bike at each of the three marked locations. Then everyone can enjoy lunch provided by the Inn at Clifty.

*What is included in ticket price: Breakfast, Souvenir Photo and Lunch.

If the ride sounds good, keep checking this site for updates.