State Park

Charlestown State Park

Charlestown State Park was established in 1995. The park’s 5,118 acres include 4,756 acres transferred from the U.S. Army and 362 acres purchased from private owners. Charlestown State Park is remarkable for its varied topography from gently rolling highlands to its heavily wooded steep ravines.

Rock outcroppings, scenic Fourteenmile Creek, and high quality woodlands make this an important addition to the state park system. The park offers rich habitat for both plants and animals. Several rare and endangered plant species as well as numerous areas displaying abundant high quality wildflowers complement diverse animal life found here. Located on the Ohio river, the park is and excellent place for nature lovers to ride, hike, camp, or fish.

During the Ride

Once you enter Charlestown State Park (CSP), you’ll enjoy a scenic ride down the winding road leading to the boat ramp area overlooking the Ohio River. Once there, stop at the Friends of Charlestown State Park (FOCSP) hospitality table to grab some snacks, get more detail on the planned activities and sign up for contests and/or vintage motorcycle skills challenges.*

Activity Options include:

·         Learning about Ranney Wells

·         Taking a self-guided hike to Charlestown Landing site, where locals used to send and receive goods by boat pre-                1940s. (Allow 30 mins. for total hike.)

·         Sign up for a contest and/or vintage motorcycle skills challenges:

o   Contest Categories: (To Be Announced Day of Event)

o   Vintage Motorcycle Skills Challenge Categories:

o   Individual Riders

·         Slow Challenge

·         Barrel Challenge

o   Rider + Passenger

·         Water Balloon Toss

·         Ball On/Off Cones

·         Break away from the pack and visit the beautiful Ohio River Overlook, relax and enjoy the view.